55# Best Photos Of Eid Mubarak 2019

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Photos Of Eid Mubarak

EID which comes after just after the month of Ramadan is Also Called as EID ul- Fitr and the Bakari EID is also called as EID ul- Adha. The EID which comes just after the month of Ramadan is the most important EID celebrations in the point of view of the Muslims all over the World. They say that the EID ul- Fitr is the most beautiful day in their life because on this day each and every Muslim comes together and do the celebrations of the EID.

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They meet their relatives after so much time. They get some time to spend with their friends, relatives and even the members of their own family.  The month of Ramadan is also called as the month of Ramazan, and the fast which they keep is also called as Roza. On the day of Ramazan the people from all over the world wear new clothes and go for the last prayers of Ramadan at the mosque or masjid. They distribute gifts among the children’s the gifts distributed is called as EIDI.

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